Why Outsource?

Traditional costs & disadvantages

  • Fixed labour costs
  • Employment headaches – recruitment, training & retention
  • Lost days through sickness, holiday etc
  • Cost of premises

Outsource savings & advantages

  • Flexible labour costs
  • No employment costs [NI, tax or sickness benefits]
  • No commitment
  • No premises needed
  • Permanently available trained assistant

Benefits to your business…..

  • No PAYE or National Insurance costs
  • Office space is freed up for more productive and profitable use
  • Inefficient use of temporary staff is removed
  • Constant access to a highly qualified assistant is assured
  • Familiarity with your office practices ensures greater accuracy
  • Savings on recruitment costs and associated HR time taken to interview new staff
  • We allow you and your key staff to focus on key competencies, ensuring greater productivity and profitability